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Let's explore the beauty nature of Lombok island and redeem your adventurous spirit by hunting Komodo Dragon by your camera


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TOP ADVENTURE - Best of the Great Mountain Parks in Indonesia Mount Tambora Sumbawa

The travel starts early in the morning from the neighbor island, Lombok, on a 2-hour drive through the winding countryside and the rice paddy fields, with the magnificent view of Mount Rinjani, the second volcanic peak of Indonesia.
After a 2-hour ferry cross, arrive at Poto Tano, the entry of Sumbawa from the West. The drive continued to Sumbawa Besar, the principal town of the island where an overnight stay at simple hotel in the town is a need.
The next day, start to drive the island of Sumbawa along the arid mountainous countryside up to the Tambora peninsular with stop at Dompu, a little town a half-way to Pancasila Village .
The first four hour, the route is fantastic before the drive goes on the bumpy dirt road in the last 4-hour trip.
After breakfast, swap the Toyota Kijang with a local 4x4 WD to reach the entry of Mount Tambora , where the ruins of the lost civilization were found by and in the former Dutch official coffee plantation.
After visiting the display, start the 3day-2night trek to the summit (see the itinerary). After enjoying the three-day trek, return to Lombok .

The travel to the site and back takes between seven to eight days depending on the type of transport you use from Lombok (either on private transport with 30 to 40 percent of costs to rise or on public transport in which you will be accompanied by our tour guide along the journey).

Current Elevation : 9,123 feet (2,851 m)
Prior to Explosion : 13,440 feet (4,200 m)

Mount Tambora is located in Sumbawa Island , an island of the Lesser Sundas (15,437 square km), Indonesia along the Sunda Arc. It lies about 188 miles behind the Sunda Trench, and the subduction zone in that area has a shallow dip and is less than 125 miles deep beneath Mount Tambora. Mount Tambora might have been inactive for as long as 5,000 years before its 1815 erruption.

Increases in steam and small phreatic eruptions proceeded the eruption for at least six months and probably up to three years.

On April 5, 1815, a moderately large explosion eruption occured. Ash fell in East Java and thunder-like sounds were heard up to 875 miles (1,400 km) away. About 150 cubic kilometers of ash were erupted (about 150 times more than 1980 eruption of Mounst St. Helens). The eruption column reached a height of about 44 km. The collapse of the eruption column produced numerous pyroclastic flows. As these pyroclastic flows reached the ocean where they caused additional explosions.

On April 10, 1815, a larger eruption occurred and lasted until April 15. Volcanic explosively index: 7 (max. 8 Mount Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia ), ejected an estimated 50 100 kg of melted rock, a caldera formed that measured 4.375 miles
(7 km) in diameter, earthquakes were felt 312.5 miles (500 km) away.
In Java the day was darkened by clouds of ashes, thrown from the mountain to that great distance ( 500 miles or 500 km), and the houses, streets, and fields, were covered to the depth of several inches with the ashes that fell from the air.

The heat triggered ( 800C ) a dreadful whirlwind which blew down nearly every house in the village. The sea rose nearly twelve feet above the highest tide-mark, sweeping any houses, trees, everything within its reach. This whirlwind lasted about an hour.
YEAR WITHOUT SUMMER 1816 - the effect of the biggest volcanic catastrophe in the history

Famine was widespread due to crop failure, and crop prices rose dramatically.

Europe suffered from food shortages and Switzerland declared a national emergency.

Historians cite this year as the primary motivation for rapid settlement of the American Midwest.
The excessive weather conditions forced Mary Shelley to stay indoors and write Frankenstein.

The eruption killed about 92,000 people; about 10,000 people died immediately from tephra falls, pyroclastic flows, etc. , about 82,000 people died later due to starvation, disease, etc., and the death throughout the world is predicted reach the amount of 48,000 people caused by starvation and disease due to the resulting climate change. All the vegetation on several nearby islands were destroyed.

The eruption sent the enormous of volcanic ash into the atmosphere, and weather patterns worldwide were altered. Much of the northen hemisphire experienced cooler temperatures in the following summer; global temperatures were lowered by as much as 3 degrees C. The reason of a year without summer after 104 years questioned.

Probably when the European Farmers particularly in Germany started to smile after the crop failure caused by the volcano, IT WAS THE START OF THE BAUER FEST.

How was the weather in the area surrounding Indonesia and in the southern hemisphere affected by the explosion.

COME to Sumbawa Island Indonesia and come for a learning travel to the historical Mount Tambora .

Gunung Tambora dominates the northern peninsula of Sumbawa Island Indonesia . It is heavily wooded, and surrounded by a thick belt of rain forest, a strange contrast to the aridity of the remainder of the peninsula. The slope of Gunung Tambora is also the preserve region for genuine wild animal of the island; Banteng (oxen), Sumbawa Deer and the barking deer

TRIP TO MOUNT TAMBORA (Travel for Learning and the Monument Visit)
The ascent that starts from the footpath at Pancasila Village takes three days; however it may take longer depending on the purpose of trip and your point of origin.


Day 1: Lombok Airport Bukit Senggigi Hotel
Arrived at Lombok airport, we will pick you up and directly transfer to Senggigi Hotel ( Bukit Sengggigi Hotel )
Day 2: Senggigi Hotel Sumbawa Pancasila Village (the gate of Tambora Trekking)
Early Morning at 6 o'clock, we drive to east of Lombok" Labuan Lombok harbor" then cross by Ferry to Sumbawa island " Poto Tano harbor". arrive in Poto Tani then continue drive to sumbawa Besar city, stop over for lunch. after lunch then continue drive to Pancasila village" in the bottom of tambora mountain". 7 pm arrive in pancasila village then overnight in simple Sinar Kedindi Bungalow.
Day 3: Tambora Trekking
Breakfast, prepare the food and meet the porter then we start trek to up to post II ( 1900m above sea level ), we will arrive at Post II around 05.00 pm for overnight.
Day 4: Tambora Summit Sumbawa Hotel
After have a light breakfast at 04.00 am, than at 05.00 we go up to the Top of Mount Tambora (2850m a.s.l). After take a picture than we go down to Pancasila village to have Lunch. Drive to Sumbawa besar, then Overnight in Tambora hotel.
Day 5: Sumbawa Hotel Senggigi Hotel
After Breakfast make city tour, visiting Dalam Loka Palace, yellow house ( the private museum of the king sumbawa ) then head to Poto Tano harbor for Lombok island. Arrived Senggigi in the afternoon.
Day 6: Senggigi Hotel Fly out End Tour.

Packages Included:
- Tent and sleeping bag.
- Foods and drinks (mineral water )
- Guide ASSISTANT During the trips.
- All land and sea transportations
- Entrance fees.
- Porters
- 2 Nights saty at Senggii Hotel
- Alcoholic beverages.
- Laundry.
- Tips for porters and guide.
- Other personal expenses.

Wear long trouser and long sleeved-shirts ! The temperature on the summit may reach 10 degrees C. Nettles and leeches on the woods trail.

For Further Information and reservation, please contact us


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