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Let's explore the beauty nature of Lombok island and redeem your adventurous spirit by hunting Komodo Dragon by your camera


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Lombok Half Circle Round Trip == 10 hours

Firstly from Senggigi, we are heading to Pusuk Pass. Pusuk is high and cool mountain pass along the main road to the road is famous for its views and tropical monkeys that wait by the side of the road waiting for snacks from passers by. There is a restaurant for light snacks and to enjoy the fantastic natural panorama. Then, trailing the same main road, at last we arrive at Senaru traditional village as our second visit of the day. Senaru village is a humble village which is dotted with old houses maintained traditionally till nowadays as the perpetuation of Islam Wektu Telu religion heritage and the waktu telu religion is still being practiced by an estimated 5000 people just in Bayan itself including this villagers.

After this, then we are heading back down to Sindang Gila waterfall. The towering Sindang Gila waterfall and its peculiarity is that it seems it cut through in the middle of the waterfall by a dike line is only to find that the more you are exploring down the river line off the main waterfall, the more you will encounter many other small waterfalls streaming down the dike line.

After this, then we take a respite for lunch in one of the restaurant in Senaru. Then, we proceeding up to Sembalun Lawang ( Rinjani Trek starting point from the eastern part of Rinjani slope ) and Sembalun Bumbung. Sembalun Lawang and its sister village, Sembalun Bumbung, are the onion and garlic growing capitals of the island. The village mark, respectively, the north and south ends of a large fertile valley north east of Rinjani Mountain.
Then, we cruising the same road up to Pesugulan and Sapit. Sapit is a small sasak village on the south east slope of Mount Rinjani, with views west towards the mountain and east over the sea to Sumbawa. Set amidst rice paddies, it is one of the most relaxing places to unwind.

Then, we are continuing up to Aik Mel, the other village and heading west to Masbagik or Pamotong, the gate point to Tete Batu. Wonderfully nestled at the foot of Rinjani Mountain, Tete Batu is a lovely, cool mountain retreat. The picturesque rice paddy terraces, tinged with palm trees and woods and cool atmosphere only enhance the village traction for any visitors longing for tranquilities and peacefulness. After this, heading a bit westward, then we will arrive at Loyok. Loyok is a bamboo craft village with colorful woven baskets, wallets, and various bamboo souvenirs displayed in this village. Then, we are heading back to Pomotong, and proceed up straight to Narmada Park as our last visit. Narmada lied only 3 km east of Mataram city, just to the right of the main road heading to Labuhan lombok harbor. The centerpiece here is a large artificial lake or replica of Segara Anak lake whose shape resembles Segara Anak in the caldera of the Rinjani volcano. It was built in 1805 by the king of Mataram after he became too old to climb Rinjani to deposit offerings in the sacred lake there.
After this, we transfer you straight to your hotel in Senggigi or somewhere else and our program land cruise is over.


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