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Let's explore the beauty nature of Lombok island and redeem your adventurous spirit by hunting Komodo Dragon by your camera


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Gili Trawangan

The largest island in the Gili's this one is aimed at budget travelers and is considered the party island. All of the dive sites in the Gili islands can be reached from any of the three islands but this one is the most popular.


Gili Meno

The smallest and quietest island in the chain is Gili Meno. There are less accommodation options that neighboring Gili Air and those that are there tend to be more up market. There is a bird park on the island and mosquitoes can be rife 

Gili Air

This is the first of the three Gili Islands off the northwest coast of Lombok. It has the largest population and feels more "lived on" than the other two islands.


Deep Turbo
the sandy bottom at 30 meters has a number of huge sea mounds that rise up to around 20 meters. There are plenty of overhangs and cracks to explore that house morays, crabs and fish. Coral growth is good here and there are some resident garden eels in the sand.

Sunset Reef
A gently sloping reef with good hard coral growth including big slabs of table coral and gardens of staghorn. The reef ends at around 20 meters and attracts the usual fish life.

Halik Reef
A steeper slope to the north of Gili Trawangan dropping down to 25 meters. There are a series of canyons in the deeper areas that are often home to local turtles. Good coral and reef life at this site.

Shark Point
This is the most popular dive site on the island, it is a vast open site with a series of ridges that fall away into deeper water. Coral cover isnt as impressive as other Gili spots but this is one of the better places to see whitetip, blacktip and even the possibility of grey sharks. There are also other big visitors such as rays, turtles and bumphead parrotfish. Manta Point, a little further south, can offer the opportunity to spot seasonal visiting mantas.

Depths: 10 - 40m
Viz: 5 - 30m
Currents: Occasional
Getting there : Boat 15 minutes.
Best months: Apr to Oct

Takat Malang and Simon's Reef
Malang reef between Gili Meno and Air offers a plateau at around 12 meters that drops away to around 40. There are several big coral heads with some impressive canyons, overhangs and swimthroughs. Plenty of healthy coral, sponges and gorgonians to be found here along with a vast array of marine fish. Simon's reef, which is close by, also offers similar action with eight big coral bommies in a rough figure of eight formation.

Meno Wall
The soft coral carpeted wall drops to around 22 meters and is home to all manner of crusteaceans. Some big groupers and turtles are often seen at this spot which is also a popular night dive destination. Spanish dancers and cuttlefish are the delights after dark.

Depths: 10 - 40m
Viz: 5 - 30m
Currents: Occasional
Getting there : Boat 15 minutes.
Best months: Apr to Oct

Japanese Wreck
The remains of a 20 meter World War II Japanese patrol vessel can be found in 45 meters of water to the south of Gili Air. It is home to a large number of lionfish and scorpionfish and often attracts schooling barracuda and jacks. Due to the depths involved decompression or enriched air diving is recommended on this site.

Hans Reef
To the northeast of Gili Air is this reef of bommies and rocky outcrops. This is a great site for macro life and juvenile fish, keep a lookout for frogfish, pipefish and octopus.

Air Wall
This dive offers a drop off to around 32 meters, some good coral formations can be found here with plenty of overhangs and arches filled with glassfish. There are concrete blocks that serve as a cleaning station at 22 meters and a sandy patch that can also be explored.

Depths: 10 - 45m
Viz: 5 - 30m
Currents: Occasional
Getting there : Boat 15 minutes.
Best months: Apr to Oct


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